Thursday, August 20, 2009

Land of the Orks

We drove from Rotorua up to Aukland, again enjoying the gorgeous scenery (and the damp weather).

We saw a blue sign offering conveniences, and took a rest stop

... yep, that's a building in the shape of a sheep. But what we needed was in the building next door

... the sheep dog.

The Quadrant

Our travel agent had booked us into a hotel in central Aukland.

Apparently the "hippest" hotel in Aukland, with our names already on the TV screen when we arrived in our room on the 18th floor.

There was a little tiny (unsafe feeling!) balcony

With great views of the Auk's Land - wet, windy and all that.

After the rest of New Zealand, Aukland really is just another big city. They took our car, for a fee of $25, and put it in the hotel somewhere. So we went for a walk and had a takeaway dinner.

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